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Meet the Sessa Family

We're a family-owned and operated neighborhood restaurant located in the Skye Canyon community in northwest Las Vegas. Whether for breakfast or lunch, we offer lots of great food choices, from hefty omelets to interesting crepes and unique pancakes. If you're the adventurous type, try the Nutella Crepes or Red Velvet Pancakes with creme cheese topping. We also have delicious breakfast skillets and stuffed french toast.


If you’re looking for unique omelets, delicious sandwiches or authentic Chicago fare, Omelette Cafe is the place for you!

Chef Ignazio

“Iggy” as he’s known to his restaurant customers, hails from Chicago and has lived in Las Vegas for 20 years. He comes from a family of cooks and chefs who have enjoyed the restaurant industry for several generations. As the owner/operator of two Las Vegas restaurants, Iggy has a passion for his work, a love for cooking, and it all shows!

Annamaria Sessa

Annamaria is also an owner/operator of Omelet House Summerlin. Like her husband, she has a passion for their family owned restaurants. Customers will see Annamaria working at any of the two locations as well as running a happy family of three kids.

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